During a Chipping Sodbury Town Trust meeting on the 6th January 2005, it was identified that there was no official mechanism for the Town Trust and the members of The Ridings clubs to communicate to each other.

A new association called ‘The Ridings Sports Association’ (The RSA) was discussed and proposed so it could be used as a conduit of communication between the two parties. It was also agreed that The RSA would contain at least two members of the Town Trust and / or Town Council, and at least one member of each of the clubs that use the facilities on The Ridings. The agenda for The RSA was to be agreed among themselves but it had to include points of interest and feedback to and from the Town Trust.

Although the Sodbury Town Council have not been directly involved with The RSA, they do have representative trustees on The RSA who can…and do…report back to the Council should they have the need to do so.

The proposal was discussed and agreed with the Management Teams of the clubs on The Ridings and the association had their first meeting and was officially formed on the 7th June 2005.

The representatives at this first meeting were:

  • The Chipping Sodbury Town Trust
  • Chipping Sodbury Golf Club
  • Chipping Sodbury Cricket Club
  • St Nicholas Football Club
  • Chipping Sodbury Town Football Club
  • Chipping Sodbury Rugby Club
  • Chipping Sodbury Tennis Club
  • Chipping Sodbury Scout Group
  • Hogweed Trotters

The RSA have meet regularly every quarter since the first meeting and has proved to be very productive, successful and an asset to all involved.