Committee and Aims

The RSA Committee operates to ensure that the interests and requirements of it’s member clubs are up held. It is at The RSA quarterly meetings where ideas, updates, issues and requests are tabled, discussed and either agreed or rejected.

The Committee is made up of representatives from the Chipping Sodbury Town Trust and one from each of the clubs that calls The Ridings home.

Committee Members:

  • Roger Penfold  –  Chipping Sodbury Town Trust (CHAIRMAN)
  • David Mullins  –  Hogweed Trotters (VICE CHAIRMAN)
  • David Shipp  –  Chipping Sodbury Town Trust (TREASURER)
  • Iain Prior  –  St Nicholas FC (SECRETARY)
  • Robin Goodey  –  Chipping Sodbury Golf Club
  • Jeff Long  –  Chipping Sodbury Cricket Club
  • Mark Belcher  –  Sodbury Tennis Club
  • Stuart Wilsmore  –  Chipping Sodbury Scouts
  • Jeff Harper  –  Chipping Sodbury Football Club
  • Philip Player  –  Chipping Sodbury Rugby Club

The aims of The RSA are driven by requirements from our Member Clubs. To ensure this is managed in a professional and efficient manner, The RSA utilises and operates as per the following:

The Ridings Sports Association Constitution

Download the The Ridings Sports Association Constitution by clicking on the link below :
RSA-002 Constitution.docx
Microsoft Word document [40.2 KB]

The RSA Mission Statement:

The Association operates to ensure:

  • regular communication and co-operation between the Members Clubs
  • the landlord (Chipping Sodbury Town Trust) are regularly informed of current and future activities on The Ridings
The RSA Objectives

The RSA Objectives are to ensure:

  • all represented Member Clubs meet on a quarterly basis
  • continued initiation of improvement ideas for The Ridings and the working together to see ideas into actions
  • promotion of The Ridings as a sports and recreational area at every opportunity
  • continual efforts to gain new membership and encourage youth involvement
  • all Member Clubs offer the availability of first class coaching and mentoring for their members
  • all Member Clubs operate in partnership with their National Governing bodies for the benefit of their members